Custom Web Design

We take pride in our work and it appears! In addition to the fact that we strive to be extraordinary compared to other website design company in Delhi, yet our web advancement group has likewise made several websites the whole new way across the globe.


eCommerce Websites

With the end goal to benefit from the expanding measure of online customers, we focus our eCommerce website design endeavors on picking the best eCommerce platform and outlining our sites to change over those customers into purchasers.


SEO & marketing

Beautiful websites look nice, however, who cares if nobody will notice them? Our firm creates smart looking websites and optimizes them for search engines with our skilled SEO services for native and international rankings.

Our Design Process

Plan and Design

The first step in designing a website is to come up with the correct setup. in order to be effective, we need to spot what your website needs to do. this is often conjointly the initial design phase is where the magic happens (on the front end). Our web designers work with you until you like the design. Once we've got your approval – we move onto future section.

Code and Content

This is where we take the approved design and switch it into an operating web site. when this section is complete we will be ready to send you a link to the website on our development server so that you'll be able to see it in action. Once the website is up and working we teach you the way to manage your site’s content. Once the content is in and looking sensible we’re ready to launch.

Optimisation and Launch

Right before the website launches our SEO specialists run through the site with a toothed comb and make any changes they notice that may give your site the competitive edge. now we are prepared and set to launch! Well, that's once we’ve your previous website to your new; ensuring Google is aware of precisely what to do with your new site structure.

High Quality

We don’t care about web design awards or “design for design’s sake.” we have a tendency to define high qualitydesign by its ability to deliver maximum ROI. which means taking a goal-oriented approach during which each element of your website serves an identical purpose—be it brand awareness, lead generation or eCommerce sales.

Best Digital Production

We designed the premium quality website that will make your jaw drop! When it comes to website development, the tools, features, plugins and add-ons are limitless. A smart financial decision would be not to purchase each feature individually, but to find a package that includes as many essential features as possible. We design the website as versatile and flexible as you can think of and then some more.

Unique Websites

The very last thing you wish to check after you visit a website on your mobile phone is a bunch of little text that you simply have to expand. Your customers feel an identical approach. In fact, Google’s own research has shown that when individuals visit a website that doesn’t perform well on their mobile device, they assume the company doesn’t really need their business. If your website doesn’t use responsive design, you’re not even in the game. Zeals Technology has been a Delhi NCR leader in responsive web design since the technology was introduced, and we know how to form an internet presence that provides your customers a perfect expertise despite how they access your website.

Static Website


  • Free Setup

  • Home Page

  • 5 Pages

  • Basic Design

  • 200MB Web space

  • Not Editable Content

  • Limited 24/7 Support*

Dynamic Website


  • Free Setup

  • Home Page

  • 5-6 Pages

  • Basic Design

  • 400MB Web space

  • Content editable Control Panel

  • Limited 24/7 Support*

Best Value - Ecommerce



  • Free Setup

  • Home Page

  • 100+ Product Upload

  • Manage Products

  • 600MB Web space

  • Content editable Control Panel

  • Limited 24/7 Support*

Platium - Web Portals


  • Free Setup

  • Unlimited Web space

  • Unlimited Product Upload

  • News Portal

  • Matrimonial Portal

  • Content editable Control Panel

  • Dedicated 24/7 Support*

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